Training Resources

Powering out of the blocks at the 100m district prelims, Noah Pearl (Class of 2011) went on to finish in the top 5 at the state championships

Training Resources

Pre-Season Preparations:

We want to offer as many ways to get prepared for a successful season. Here are opportunities for you to take advantage of and start becoming a winner.

Speed and Explosion is offered each Tuesday and Thursday to any and all interested Rockhurst students. Track participants are especially encouraged to take advantage of this free service (it costs hundreds elsewhere). Our top runners last season showed remarkable improvement by using this as a foundation for their season.

In addition to Speed and Explosion, distance runners meet up in the annex (with Coach Reagan or Coach Dierks) to train together, hold off the apathy. On occassion tempo runs or more significant workouts are offered. Check your email for notifications. Distance runners (1600-3200m racers) are encouraged to be running between 25-50 miles per week with the low end for freshman through varsity. Middle distance (800-1600) should be getting in (15-35 miles per week) with specific need for a long run and a hill workout weekly, plus some general base. With the weather as inconsistent, you might have to hit the treadmill or pool to keep your fitness up (and improving).

Finally, all are equally encouraged to participate in the Winter Weights program Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

Basically, the months heading into the season are GREAT times to really get ready, get fit, prepare to be competitive! Take advantage of all your opportunities.

See your event coach if you have any further specific questions.

Are you are winner?

Our program will continue to develop young men into "winners" because that is a tangible experience that we can all work together towards.

How does one learn to become a winner?

It starts by practicing being a winner every day! One cannot expect to win in a competition without practicing it in the off-season, in the season, in all aspects of his life.

But it goes a little further, I heard a football coach say, "you can't start winning until you stop losing." This might sound harsh but losing is where you are no longer in control of your actions, your dreams. You lose when you have bad habits (laziness, selfishness, confidence problems...). To break these habits, start winning the little things each day (saying good morning, asking how people are doing, try something new...)

Our program's goal in regards to developing winners is to make sure we all know:

  • We care about each other
  • We trust each other
  • We commit to winning to each other

Striving for this is using our talents and understanding the Ignatian charism of Cura Personalis because each of us can and should use our God-given talents to the community. It is NOT about being cocky or finding unfair advantages, it is about personal integrity and accountability. Let's hold us each accountable to making the most of who and what we are in the eyes of God.

So do you want to be a winner? Are you ready to start today? Have you started already?

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